The Wandering Earth

Don't Forget Stephen

For my second blog ill be looking into The Wandering Earth as I was absent for week 3.

The Wandering Earth is a SciFi movie which explores the idea of moving earth through space into a new solar system to save it from ecological disaster. Wathicng this movie was an interesting mix of different cultures and ideals held by the heros. A large dipiction of this is the way the main protagnoists interact with eachother and how they intereact with thier society. Some of the most important issues that were addressed was things such as politics, International cooperation and capatilism. From a personal perspective a lot of the movie focued upon the meaning of family, culture and personal struggles. This was highilighted a lot through the film with the death of the grandfather and teh interactions with the addoptive sister.

This movie was directed by Frant Gwo.  Born in 1980…

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