Watch out! The Future of Surveillance

Generally unimpressed.

My BCM325 DA Pitch is up and ready to watch here. My concept is the future of surveillance in the next 50 years and how this will affect society at large. I will tie today’s and the potential future of technology to those seen in science fiction films (such as AI technology in 2001: A Space Odyssey) to highlight what Istvan Csicery Ronay calls the ‘prehistory of the future’. Science fiction films are important as they give us a way to visualise the future, meaning they have immense control over how we think about the future.

Other areas for research include a phenomena known as ‘Smart Cities‘ which are found predominately in China. Here, data is gathered from almost every aspect of  life via constant surveillance in a bid to enhance travel, more efficiently use resources and improve infrastructure management. The question here will be, ‘is this the…

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