Digital Artefact – The Future Of Video Games

So for my digital artefact this session, I have decided to write a blog about where video game culture and game development is heading in the future.

The current goal is to upload a post about a specific game-related topic each Sunday. However, I’m keeping this goal relatively loose for now, until I get a better understanding of how long these posts end up becoming. I’m not sure how in-depth I want to be, and this may take some trial and error. This also means that my schedule for weekly uploads my be subject to change.

For now, I will post on this WordPress account, but if it begins to feel too messy or cluttered, I’ll create a separate blog solely for my Digital Artefact.

5 thoughts on “Digital Artefact – The Future Of Video Games”

  1. As a video game enthusiast myself, I am particularly excited about your DA. One of the topics you said you planned to speak on was the inclusion of diversity in videos. I found an academic journal that explores this and I for one would love to see it included in more video games. An IGDA survey was conducted and found that the majority of respondents felt that ‘‘a diverse workforce has a direct impact (broad appeal, quality, etc.) on the games produced’’ (59.4%). Even more (62.8%) thought that ‘‘workforce diversity is important to the future success of the game industry” and that directly relates to future cultures.
    We discussed Trajectories and planning in lecture two: part three. During World War II planning, communications and media were the main tools that helped form the National Socialist German Workers Party later known as the Nazi Party with Joseph Goebbels as the Minister of Propaganda. BCM325 explores historical trends and how they shaped or will shape the future. With the invention of shooters, the American government saw a recruitment opportunity and that resulted in “America’s Army” one of the most successful recruitment campaigns ever devised by the United States military. “Since they’re blowing each other away, anyway, could we just make a military recruitment video game?”
    Reflecting on my own DA I would like a topic of mine to include propaganda used in the music industry and I’m very confident I will find many examples. I look forward to reading your blog posts on all the different topics. More particularly I would like to know more of your opinions and predictions on where the industry will go.


  2. I’m glad I got to comment on your post as I’m a huge fan of video games myself. I’ve dabbled in my fair share of them and I’d be willing to share some of my experiences were you to ask. I think looking at video games is a good foundation for a digital artefact, but I think you could benefit from giving your DA some more direction. For example, is there a niche area of video games you could look into? Maybe a specific genre of games that you’re interested in? From there, you could look into the #BCM325 Week 3 Lecture focusing on trajectories and planning. Perhaps you could analyse how the trajectories of different aspects of video game culture compare. A great example is VR (virtual reality) vs. AR (augmented reality). Tedjokusumo, J, ZhiYing Zhou, S, and Winkler, S have a brilliant academic paper on this exact topic with a focus on multiplayer experiences (

    You also talked about “overwhelming yourself with work”. I think it’s good that you’re aware of this. I was a little shocked when you mentioned doing a 500-800 word blog post each week because it seemed like a lot. Perhaps you could alter the practicality of this to be a little more reductive? However, if you do end up doing something that involves a lot of work, I suggest looking into the Pomodoro technique for time management ( I use it myself, and it helps me get things done. Either way, I’m excited to see where you go with this, the potential is there!


  3. Hi Lania!

    Great topic for your DA, I’m sure there is heaps of research on the gaming industry and its future in our society. I think the idea of writing blog posts throughout the semester is great, as it will keep you actively engaged with your topic for the entire session. A few suggestions I thought of after watching your DA pitch:

    I know you mention a blog post for each week of the semester, at about 500-800 words each, this might be a little short if you are planning on discussing a new topic within the gaming industry each week. I would suggest either
    extending your word count to 1000 words, and maybe only upload every fortnight instead
    or allow some flexibility in your blogs by discussing the same topic two weeks in a row.
    This second option might be an interesting take on your DA, as it might allow you to get some feedback, discussion, and/or questions for readers and incorporate it into the following episode.
    You mentioned uploading this to your WordPress account and possibly a condensed version to tiktok, but you’re worried about taking on too much of a work load. I’m wondering if you’ve thought about sharing it anywhere else to make it more accessible to the public, even just sharing the link to your blog it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Reddit, or some other platform that allows for this feedback loop to be a little wider, and will take a lot loss effort than creating an original tiktok every week. (Although if you have time, I would LOVE to see these tiktoks, just don’t stress yourself out!
    How are you framing your DA in terms of sense of place? Are you going to be looking at research on the future of gaming culture globally? This may be difficult to do as there is so much information on different nations and how their creative industries may differ from one another. Something to think about and specify as you continue your research!

    I’m super keen to see what topics you decide to discuss, so I decided to link to some articles that I found interesting within your scope, if you wanted to check them out! Best of luck with your Beta!

    Gaming and diversity…

    Gaming and the economy…

    Gaming and addiction…


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