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This semester I am part of the UOWcreative team, using platforms Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. Our main focus is to share and promote creative works by students of Wollongong University.

We have content creators, moderators and analysts. Our content creators will brainstorm and curate content each week, whilst our analysts discover what style of posts work best. Our moderators will ensure the standards of each site are high, and non-controversial.

We have a set number posts we would like to publish each week across platforms, whilst hoping for a steady growth of followers.

These platforms can be utilised by any student wanting a platform for their work.

In the future, we aim to be a main platform for University students sharing their work and creating an online aspect to the UOW life!


Articles mentioned in video:

Carter, R., 2020. How To Use Twitter Effectively & Grow…

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