Adonis- The future of Gaming #bcm325


I started thinking of ideas for a digital artefact by listing the things I enjoyed doing, and then out of those things, I thought of what I could change to make better for the future.

And I concluded with gaming. YAY!

I’ve always been a console gamer, but i’ve had many opportunities where I stop and think of how much plastic i’m unwrapping when opening a new game, or wondering why all games simple can’t be on all consoles. There will be no Playstation v Xbox v PC rivalry. And you don’t have to go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a Playstation console if you want to play The Last of Us but you only have an Xbox.

I knew in a second that changing those things that i’ve been so accustomed to would change my life in a heartbeat, so of course it would change the…

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