BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Pitch

The Space Between The Sky


Below you’ll find a video pitch for a Digital Artefact project I am completing in a subject at university called Future Cultures. This subject examines the tensions between representations of our future in popular science fiction films through the ages and our lived realities.

I have been interested in podcasting as a medium for a long time now, and I feel this idea and subject seem to fit well into the project. As both Josh and I are creative writers, it is also an opportunity for us to not only explore writing for this medium, but also get feedback outside of the writing workshops of university. And of course, to build a portfolio of work and online presence.

The premise of the podcast came to me whilst I was listening to a discussion in my documentary class about how we might make a collaborative documentary while our contact is…

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One thought on “BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Pitch”

  1. Hey Allison,
    As an avid reader and listener of stories of all kinds I really enjoy the concept of an Apocalyptic fiction analysis of communication technology. Your research concept of how to write a ‘realistic future’ intrigues me as well, it suggests to me you have the previous history with creative writing with such a specific goal in mind. I’m keen to learn whether the “Predictive Observable Patterns” you mention are from fictional works or are in fact scientific guesses on what are required technologies that the modern human being would need.

    My DA is going in a slightly different direction, dealing with fiction still but in a more fantasy setting. I think that some of the sources I am using for reference may assist you in yours, especially the podcast generation section. These sources are podcasts and videoes themselves, widely considered to be some of the best non-mainstream stoeytelling media on the market and are posted on websites like Twitch and Mixer. I encourage you to check them out.



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