BCM325 DA Pitch- Adopting Sustainability

Paris' Perspective

s.jpegAs a disclaimer, I am not an expert on sustainability but within this DA I aim to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in order to protect our future.

An example of a production timeline is:

(All blogs will then have relevant images posted to Instagram.)

Week 1 (23rd March): Establish Instagram(@adoptingsustainability) and blog.

Week 2 (30th March): Blog post on a healthy recipe, using less waste.

Week 3 (6th April): Blog post about my grandpa’s garden, including how and what food he grows and then use the food to make a recipe.

Week 4 (13th April): Blog post on making your own cleaning and beauty product and how using natural products are better for the environment.

Week 5 (20th April): Attempting to go zero waste for the week.

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