One thought on “BCM325 – My DA Pitch”

  1. I think this is a really great idea! Because of the whole Covid-19 situation I am having to change my DA to adjust to isolation I was thinking of taking a similar route but using TikTok as my medium! As a vegetarian myself I find my main reasons behind not eating meat is primarily the effect the mass production is having on our planet and the terrible conditions the animals are often kept it. If you do plan to explore these topics have a watch of Cowspiracy on Netflix!

    What could be interesting to add to your blogs if you decide to base them or one around alternate meat options would be to perhaps try some of the other options out there and see if you would genuienly be able to replace or adapt your everyday eating to incorporate this alternative into your diet! Some suggestions of mine would definitely be the plant based mince, you can get this from Woolworths and it is so yum, it tastes to similar to real meat I’ve given it to people and they cant tell the difference (but of course cook it into something e.g. Tacos)! My least favourite “fake” meat is called “chick’n” it tastes horrible but could be nice if you wanted to add something to critque on, and of course you have the go to vegan food, tofu. Tofu is actually really yummy especially fried and then chucked in a stir fry!

    (This is all of course if you are a meat eater and if you aren’t then I’m sure you know all of this already.)

    I look forward to seeing this progress and what blogs you end up deciding on!!


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