BCM325 Pitch – Creating digital love languages

Daisy Loomes

As outlined in my pitch, for my Digital Artefact I will be exploring the role that technology and social media can play in enhancing our relationships and communications. I will create a proposal and plan for an app that is used by couples to create their own symbolic, visual ‘love language’ that is shared between their phones and is generated through the app using their input to create a unique form of communication.

My proposed timeline is as follows:

Week 4+5: Research a) how symbolism, colours and visual play a role in human communication and the way we use social media and other technology b) app development and what steps are taken to scaffold and propose an app

Week 6: Create a physical program for couples to attempt creating a visual/symbolic ‘love language’ through – may be on paper or simple online program. Start sourcing couples/friends to take part.


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