BCM325 Pitch – Future cultures

BCM325 Pitch – Future cultures

Ashlan Rose

Hi everyone! Welcome to my BCM325 pitch.

You can see my video presentation below.

You can view my past DA here for some background information.


Suggest potential background research (academic and scholarly sources, news and media sources);

This article by Nanoil explores the concept of artificial intelligence and virtual reality potentially being able to replace hairdressers. There are currently already existing apps that are able to book you an appointment online. The article discusses the next step of these technologies progressing. for example, there was a phone call between google assistant and a receptionist where the AI was able to make an appointment at the hairdressers.
The owner of Bombshell Hair Creations works by herself and is only in the salon 3 days a week. At times, the owner is unable to answer the phone due to having to concentrate on the client in the salon. If AI technologies were…

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