BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing

Dayle Beazley

As a freelance writer, the future can be scary. Nothing is set in stone and things can go wrong so quickly. However, there are things to love about it: flexibility, freedom, pricing, and more.

“Businesses look to become more agile, using increasing numbers of freelancers seems a clear path they are taking.” (Forbes)

“There is no doubting that freelancing will have a big affect on the shape of the future work force.” (Medium)

However, COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works, meaning that small businesses are crumbling, larger businesses are hesitant to stay open, and the economy is crumbling. So, what’s the future of freelancing? I aim to find out.

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One thought on “BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing”

  1. Hey Dayle
    Freelance writing has always been something I have been interested in so you project seems like a fantastic idea. I appreciate that your target audience is actually quite focused on people starting or already within the industry, which will allow you to talk about subject relevant topic without having to explain into much detail within you long-form posts.
    The only advice I could think of to give your project is perhaps adding a documentation element to it. Check out the TikTok account @robert_simons he runs an animation/concept art business and he makes constant update videos the style of which I think could really make a project like your become elevated to the next level.


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