I’ve always had an interest in how businesses use social media to market themselves. Strong businesses utilise social media effectively, ultimately giving them a competitive edge and gaining the trust of consumers. A great example of a business using social media well is Milky Lane – who have primarily used social media to market themselves.

Earlier this year I created my own social media business after a few people had expressed interest. I’ve had multiple jobs and internships in the social media industry that has allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge needed to slowly start my own business. The BCM3 will allow me the time and resources to give my business the jumpstart it needs.

With the threat of COVID-19 on small businesses the near future is unknown. Each day new information is released for businesses to follow forcing may to reduce staff and shutdown. I want to help the future of these businesses through social media marketing and guidance through these times.


Since social media marketing is most likely not a priority for small businesses during this pandemic and most businesses would not have the budget to hire a full time social media manager I will offer basic social media services for free or at a reduced rate. This will also help me get more experience along with gaining testimonials and references for the future.


I want to act ASAP as things are quickly changing.

Week 1-2:

  • Finish setting up and optimising my website
  • Establishing an online presence and create a basic content calendar to plan my social media posts
  • Update my packages and plans to fit COVID-19
  • Get feedback from friends, family and industry professionals. 

Week 3-6:

  • Start reaching out to small businesses via local Facebook groups, emails and paid social media ads.
  • Connect with community online noticeboards
  • Closely follow the guidelines of the government.


  • Follow the guidelines
  • Continue to establish an online presence and optimise my website
  • Re-assess my DA and make any changes as necessary.


  1. We are all going through some crazy, unprecedented times, and I think it’s fair to say no one knows what the right thing is to do – or not to do. Running a business amidst the chaos is challenging let alone keeping up with social media channels. You make a valid point in that it might not be a priority for a lot of small businesses, but it certainly is important for current times we’re living in. This speaks to the future of the business and how they will continue to operate in times of crisis. A lot of businesses have the potential to adapt and thrive in these times, online orders are flourishing and post offices are near as delayed as Christmas time. Whilst a sensitive time for many – there’s no reason social media has to come to a complete halt, I found an article that confirms my thoughts that might be of interest to you –


  2. Hey Grace, This is such a brilliant idea not only for local small businesses, but especially for your own business to grow using it for your assessment. You’ve clearly done so much research as to how this pandemic could affect your idea and the resources you can use to help you which I have to commend you on. I’m sure you’ve already felt some impact from COVID-19 since filming this so I am hoping that is has been helpful to you rather than detrimental. I was just wondering if you had a cap for the amount of clients you would take on at a time and how long you would be helping them with their social media, e.g. one or two posts or a few weeks/months worth of posts. This has the potential to have a huge scope and I am excited to see where it takes you!


    1. Something also caught my attention this week which was this article about how COVID-19 is both negatively and positively affecting businesses during this time:
      While it is specific to certain businesses, there is no reason to not also possibly look into how you could use this time in a multitude of different ways. In PR they sometimes use what is happening in the NOW to advantage of their advertisements. This could be a helpful way if you’re stuck in terms of ideas of what to use for your clients.


  3. Hey Grace, your DA seems well thought out and planned. It definitely satisfies the brief by addressing the future of your business and other small businesses for the next 6 months amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I like that your DA has a very clear utility for both yourself, developing your digital literacy and personal portfolio, and for small businesses affected by the virus.

    I’d like to have heard more about your methodology when it comes to your business; how do you help these businesses thrive on social media and how does that method change under the circumstances of COVID-19? Perhaps it’s too early for you to say, but I think it would be great to outline your updated social media packages and how they function in your DA beta.

    I think an important step before developing your new packages is to do some background research on what small businesses need most at this time. You could create a survey and share it with small business owners on Facebook or Twitter, to get a general idea of the help they need. Here is an article that may be useful for your background research;

    Best of luck to you and stay healthy.


  4. As running small businesses at this current time during this pandemic is definitely difficult, I believe that you should not only offer your services to small businesses, but also offer advice and share your knowledge with them! If you teach these small businesses how to promote their own work and gain viewership online, then they can prepare themselves for the future, when Covid-19 comes to an end. I believe that doing this will help get word out about your business and keep it relevant to what is happening with the world today. I actually am of the belief that if there was ever a time for online marketing, it is now, when people have nothing better to do than to look at their phones! I found many articles online regarding growing small businesses during Covid19, and a phrase from states that “Similarly, marketing and advertising agencies reaching out to these businesses should take a position not of helping businesses to “capitalize” on the current times, but rather of helping them to make themselves as visible/accessible as possible right now to those who need them.” This statement suggests that though the future is unknown at the moment, we should all use the present to establish our standing in this unknown future.


  5. Hi Grace!
    First of all, well done with your pitch video! The concept was well presented and your use of the recent Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst for future thinking was great! I also really appreciated your creation of a timeline even though situations may change, causing you to shift some priorities of your project around.
    You have also already done some relevant scholarly research which is great! You have a defined research topic which should make pulling from various texts easier than most other projects being done.
    Given that you already have the academic research and timeline aspects of your project mapped out. My advice might seem rather simple, however I hope it helps in one way or another. Don’t be afraid to utilise your peers, especially within the BCM degree! Given that your business is centred around the growth of other small businesses; reach out to other students and their projects and consider semi-collaborating or helping them. This could produce many short and concise feedback loops that would be of great benefit. Allowing you to quickly iterate and then adapt to bigger and more independent business outside of the University.
    I hope I’ve been able to help in some small way. I think that your business has a lot of potential and if utilised correctly, could be big! I look forward to seeing how you progress!


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