DA BCM325 Pitch


For my D.A I will be looking into artificial intelligence in the home. This concept is fairly interesting as A.I’s such a Google Homes are now a commonly used device by many individuals. But do we really understand them? I will answer this question throughout the 3 video essays that I  will be uploading. Diving deeper into concepts such as where A.I will take us in the future and how society will depend on it.

My DA fits the F.I.S.T framework as it is:

Fast: By gathering research early I will be able to categorise into the information into groups. This will make putting the videos together easier.

Inexpensive: By using resources from the UOW Library as well  as online news articles the project will cost $0. YouTube is also a free platform to upload content to the world

Simple: Picking a topic I am interested in makes the project less of a ‘chore’ and more something that I want to do. By breaking to topics down into 3 sections it allows for the work load to be spread out evenly over the semester.

Tiny: My project will only be completed by myself within the timeframe that I have allocated weekly. Again, by spreading out the workload it allows for the assignment to be less stressful and difficult if left to the last minute.

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