DA PITCH: ‘This Was Predicted!’

By Jessica McVicar

For my DA I will be creating a series of blog posts (5 to be exact) where I speculate the future of online identity.

I will be analysing science fiction films that hold digital and futuristic themes. These analyses will be based on Week 2’s discussion on Science Fiction. The idea that


 Scifi is a combination of current/past conditions and imagined futures/ideas directed me to the hypothesis that maybe SciFi has the power to project potential futures. Especially in the technological world.

These analyses will be discussed in my blog posts and within videos embedded in the blogs. All arguments will be backed up by academic research and online articles.

I will also be using twitter to support my blog, engage with my audience, and create feedback loops.

“Identity will be the most valuable commodity in the future, and it will exist primarily online.” – Eric Schmidt (Google Chairman)


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