Moving Forward – Pitch

Well, Done Ben! Great Job HD for sure

Communications according to Ben

Heya BCM fam

Once again we are pitching DA’s, this time for BCM325 – Future Cultures

The focus for this assignment and this subject in particular is the future, and how we as communicators and creators can almost maybe predict the future. For instance,  2001 birthed the idea of touch screen tablets like the iPad and AI. These inventions are now plausible because of the thought and imagination of people back then, so quite literally anything is possible when we think about it!

The DA is going to have a strong focus on the first two weeks of lecture material – Future thinking & Trajectories and planning. It also has the potential to link up with upcoming topics.

The aim of my DA is to inform, and not in a fake “hip” way that almost sarcastically explains basic things, but to inform like Hack on Triple J. My target audience…

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