Online Teaching & Discord – A Pitch

Harrison East

This post is to contextualise a pitch video, for a digital project that plans to address the future of teaching in a digital environment.

The initial sources gathered are two scholarly texts and one, rather simple, YouTube video. This is to provide some introductory understanding of the field of research and public utility, that my project plans to compliment.

“Creative and Innovative Online Teaching Strategies: Facilitation for Active Participation” (Sharoff, 2019), explores an early process of online education, primarily that of organisational skills that online teaching requires. “Online educators’ recommendations for teaching online: Crowdsourcing in action” (Dunlap and Lowenthal, 2018), explores evidence of peer learning and resource gathering, for online teaching methods. For a simpler perspective, the below YouTube video by Michael Wesch, demonstrates some simple organisational skills that online teaching requires.

My initial takeaway from this field of research, is the practice of a ‘students first’ mentality. The necessity…

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