The Future of Korea Dramas BCM325 Pitch

As outlined in my pitch, for my BCM325 Digital Artefact I will be researching the globalisation of Korean dramas, the effect on the current market and what that means for the future. Through the research on the past, present and with forecasting, I hope to gleam at the future of Korea media culture trends. I hope to show my audience that adaption of other cultures media is not only marketable in our own culture but an alternative to innovation and creation of new content in our own culture.


3 thoughts on “The Future of Korea Dramas BCM325 Pitch”

  1. Hi Corey,
    I think the topic you’ve chosen is great! The growing popularity of Korean media in Western pop culture is a very current topic; as we’ve learnt, ‘the future is now’ and using current examples to explore the future of media is very pertinent.
    A resource I’d like to suggest to you is Twitter. As I’m sure you know, Twitter has a huge community of K-Pop fans, many of whom are also K-drama fans. This could be a good source of feedback and opinions from Western fans of Korean media as well as fans from Korea itself and many other communities around the world.
    Something I am interested to see you expand on as you work on your Digital Artefact is how you will undertake your ‘forecast’ of the popularity of Korean dramas. As you identified, due to the current Covid-19 crisis, the way we consume media is changing. How will you quantify the popularity of Korean dramas? Will it be through examining view counts, countries of viewership, ratings or by other means?
    Good luck!


  2. – Discussion of ideas concepts
    I personally take great interest in this topic! Big fan of Korean culture and the language, so exploring Korean Dramas sounds like a great idea. I think forecasting the trajectory of Korean dramas especially under the current climate will be difficult however I believe this is what makes the topic interesting.

    – Discussion of practicality of the proposed Digital Artefact
    The four part multimedia blog series sounds cool, I am intrigued to see how what or if you add different multimedia types to make your blogs more engaging. I think this could be a good idea in engaging a sub audience, that don’t have a particular interest in Korean culture but not necessarily in international dram interpretations.

    – Contribution of further research (web links, academic, scholarly and news media sources and other materials)

    Below is a scholarly article which takes a look at the future of tv industries formats around the globe. You might find it helpful.

    – Insights gained by reflecting on the online lectures.
    Obviously I great topic to intertwine into your Digital artefact is Future thinking trajectories and planning. I think looking at the severe importance of future planning would be interesting. If you could prove this via your own topic, then relate to something broader that might be cool.

    행운을 빕니다!


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