The Pros and Cons of Technology – Accessibility


For an understanding of my aim for my BCM325 digital artefact, please view the below video.

In conducting research in the fields of online shopping and online dating, I believe that my digital artefact’s utility has the ability to conjure a large audience; as I will be discussing both the pros and cons of the accessibility provided by technology. This will encourage both online and in store shoppers, retailers, as well as all individuals in the dating field to obtain a greater understanding of the previous impact’s technology has had on these two fields, in addition to its possible suture impacts.

I will be aiming to follow this timeline as it will assist me in ensuring my DA complies with the FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) principles and will additionally allow me to enter a feedback loop; this opening my DA to feedback which will be used to adjust and…

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