The Future of YouTubers, TikTok’ers and more…


As discussed in the video above, I’m looking to post a series of video essays looking at various online platforms for entertainment in order to predict what they could become in the future. This topic is inspired by the discussion in the week three lecture talking about prediction and forecasting, as I look to draw on the history of various social media sites to analyse the trends and consistencies, modifying them in a way that makes them plausible as a future reality. This is also in line with the week two discussion on Novums, a term coined by Darko Suvin to describe the “scientifically plausible innovations used by science fiction narratives.” They are a trend of current times, taken in isolation and modified into some future form, which is something I hope to emulate as I analyse current elements of social media entertainment, projecting them into my predicted future and…

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