DA Pitch:The Future of A.I in the Creative Industry of Film


As mentiond in the above video, I would like to focus my Digital Artefact on the Future of A.I in the creative industry of film over the next 5-10 years.

Artificial Intelligence has already infiltrated many aspects of the film industry. From AI operated camera equipment to sophisticated machine learning services such as “Cinelytic and ScriptBook that mine and analyse keywords attributable to a film’s themes, dialogue and actors… to provide valuable insight regarding which films are likely to be blockbusters – or flops (Farish 2020).

I hope my digital artefact can be used as a demonstration of ‘futuristic details used as poetic devices for exoticizing the present’ (Csicsery-Ronay 2008). My digital artefact will both serve to entertain and to inform audiences about the complex present, past and future of film. 


  • Csicsery-Ronay, I 2008, The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction, Weslayan University Press, Connecticut USA.
  • Drunk Histories 2013, Television…

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One thought on “DA Pitch:The Future of A.I in the Creative Industry of Film”

  1. Hey Liz
    Your idea to develop short movie scenes using Ai developed scripts is super relevant to the Future Cultures ideology. I think your early identification of the importance of its understanding of cliches and common tropes in media is especially key to the success of your project. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about building or programming of an AI so I can only assume that a simple/basic one needs heavy-handed instructions to begin the machine learning process and the above-mentioned cliches and tropes seem to be the perfect starting point. I’m am incredibly interested to learn how far beyond them you AI goes, how close to unique concepts it can develop.

    I think that one place you could source these stereotypes/archetypes could be Japanese media. I’m not an avid consumer of said media but acquaintances of my tell me that almost all mass-consumed Japanese entertainment is simply the rearrangement of a large set of stereotypical situations, all originality is left to character design and backstory.

    Apparently, anime is an excellent source of these stereotypes and as such, I encourage you to view some and see if it can extend the pool of stereotypes your AI can produce.


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