Critical Self-Evaluation of Peer Commentary

Bianca's World

I was supposed to be an exchange student at the University of Wollongong in Autumn 2020, but unfortunately, because of the coronavirus situation, I had to go back home in Montreal, Canada. All my efforts were wiped out by a breakdown I couldn’t control which makes me sad. This is the last semester of my bachelor degree in communication and media, so to be fully honest, I just want to pass this subject and I would be more than happy to get 60% or more. BCM 325 is my first BCM class ever, so I’m not really used to BCM classes. Obviously, I made a few mistakes in this task because I wanted to finish earlier as possible.

Firstly, I thought we were supposed to comment on the blogs of people whose names were next to our name and blog link in the google document spreadsheet on Moodle. Later, I…

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