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Synthetic Boy

pitch 1 – The Future of Care Work – Digital ArtefactPitch– Alana Smith

Alana’s pitch is well-defined in it’s topic: the future of aged care. It is particularly intelligent as it draws upon previous knowledge obtained in non-BCM subjects, allowing her to build upon her other talents and integrate a variety of course content into a single, fully realised portfolio of work (therefore actually addressing a second future: her own). The structure of her DA was also intelligently conceived, with the three podcast episodes allowing her to address Bell’s model of future studies while also minimising the level of work required. This allowed Alana to lay out a clear timeline, while also providing her DA

with an overall direction and momentum.

Where Alana’s pitch showed weakness was in it’s scope/focus and audience.

As I noted in my comments “the future of aged care” is an incredibly broad topic…

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