Pitch Reviewing


One of the most important parts of the iteration process is the collaboration that one has with its viewers/consumers. I wanted my comments on fellow peers’ digital artefacts to be useful and beneficial to their overall progression. Below are the three digital artefacts I have commented on and a brief overview of their ideas and the information that I presented to them. 
Bennett Parkinson: The Little Fellas Project 

Available at:https://bennettjparkinson.wordpress.com/2020/03/17/the-little-fellas-project-pitch/

The Little Fellas Project is a collaborative digital artefact in which Bennett will promote other people/brands, and he will do the same via video. 

In all honesty, Bennett’s DA video was quite brief and what he did talk about, I knew really nothing about on a deeper level. So to deepen my own understanding and to be able to assist Bennett with my comment, I decided to research his overall goal, which is what I found to be…

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