Responding to your work!

Life of a Uni Student

I have been given the opportunity to review some fellow student’s work in relation to my University subject of Future Cultures. After writing my own Digital Artefact Pitch, I found it extremely interesting to view how other students are approaching the same task but in a completely different way.

The following consists of the feedback and suggestions I made in relation to my peers work, including a brief summary of each pitch, as well as a critical self-reflection on each of my comments.

Comment 1: BCM325 DA PITCH – Imogen Cunningham

Imogen decided to expand on a previous digital artefact from BCM112 – Emergent Media. I checked out her Instagram page and it seems to have a good foundation. After reading her blog, I made the suggestion that she should determine a more specific audience to target so she can analyse of the preference and trends of that audience…

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