BCM325- Self-reflection

Paris' Perspective

Within this digital artefact pitch assignment, we had to give constructive and relevant comments on three of our peers’ blogs.

The topic of ‘future cultures’ is one that can encompass many themes and it was interesting to see how everyone interprets how the future will look in 5,10, 25 or 50 years and how their topic is relevant to this. I enjoyed that everyone whom I commented on, had vastly different ideas about how the world will be.

My first comment was to Madeleine, whose project discusses the future of shopping and explained how the future of shopping, supermarket grocery stores and retail will change through the use of shopping online, virtually trying on clothes and virtual shopping centres. My comment aimed to be helpful and provide further sources such as an academic article that explained how digital retailing was becoming an “omnichannel market (ability to interact through countless…

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