BCM325 Pitch Comment Reflection


Pitch 1Watch out! The Future of Surveillance– Mikayla Stott.

Mikayla had a fantastic overall pitch for her Digital Artefact. It was noticeable there was a clear point she was lacking, which was the definition of her audience, so I focused primarily on that. With reference to this blog on large target audiences, I wanted to discuss the idea that having a large audience is not necessarily a bad thing, although it does have to refine & defined. mentioning some key points for her to focus on to refine her audience, such as intellectuals, sci-fi fans, and adults in general will help her focus her content on specific markets.

Mikayla’s ideas and practicality were thoroughly discussed, so I decided to focus on her concepts. She made an interesting note regarding the negative portrayal of Ai in media, specifically movies. I noted that elaborating on this point could…

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