The Future Is Now: Self Reflection

Upon reviewing the cohorts blog posts, I felt my own blog post could’ve been articulated a lot better, in terms of including a timeline, potential topics, and more elaborate plan. Although at first, I felt the mark I received wasn’t great it definitely reflected my efforts, and I absolutely see where I can improve to achieve the mark I want. A lot of important context was missing from my blog post and as a result, I lost marks. 
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.41.59 am.png

  1. Graces post was about how she wants to help small businesses keep their social media running in the crazy times of today. She had a clear plan, timeline and audience. She utilised examples from other businesses who do social media well. My comment centred around the importance of adapting to the future of now and the everchanging pandemic, which some businesses have done well and as a result, business is booming. Since…

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