#BCM325 Critical self-evaluation

Mai Dang

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Pitch in BCM325 – Future Studies, I participated in revision for 3 exciting projects from 3 of my classmates.

Luke’s Future of Sports DA 

Luke’s Digital Artefact explores the Future of Sports through a series of video essays: how the sports industry will be affected by technology through the lens of both fans and athletes. He has a great topic and through his video pitch, his passion is shown through and his knowledge of being a fan of sports will aid him in curating this DA.Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 22.57.37

The main contribution I made to his ideation was to narrow down his topic. Future of Sports is a big subject to tackle in such little time, so finding a specific aspect to focus on would help him to direct his research as well as developing a targeted audience. By recommending sources mapping out…

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