So, what are my peers up to?

Generally unimpressed.

I was required to comment on three of my peers pitches for their BCM325 Digital Artefact. For my comments I focused on providing resources for further research and pointing out possible connections to class and lecture material. 

Comment one:

My first pitch that I commented on was by Josh, who chose to focus on the topic of a potential technology caused apocalypse in the future, by doing so hoping to outline how these technologies can be used both to survive or to contribute to the end of the world as we know it.

Comment Summary 

  • Josh didn’t go into depth about the type of apocalypse he would be exploring so I suggested referring to this website which has a number of tech apocalypses to help.
  • There wasn’t any mention of subject or lecture material so I suggested using week threes topic of future studies or week twos lecture…

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