BCM 325 Peer Commentary on DA Pitches

Emma Sloane

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Home


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Taylor is producing a three episode video series discussing the future of artificial intelligence in the home. Her series will closely look at the history of A.I. technology, where we are now, and what is expected for the future. each video essay will be approximately three to four minutes long.

In my comment I provided multiple resources which I think will greatly help Taylor in her research for her videos. In particular the research article “I’d Blush if I Could” will prove to be an incredibly good resource in multiple areas as it provides current statistics about household A.I. technology, it discusses sexism in A.I. designs and also gives many relevant examples of A.I. in media such as HAL 9000 and Cortana. In all honesty I probably went a bit overboard in the intensity of my comment. I spent about 500…

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