BCM325 Peer Commentary

Daisy Loomes


One of my goals for this semester, it being my last, is to practice interacting with my peers in a professional context and to be able to offer them useful critique and resources and have confidence in my ability to do so. Providing peer commentary on Jasmine, Corey and Kendal’s Digital Artefact pitches helped me to practice this, as well as prompting me to reflect on my own pitch and how I can incorporate what I have learnt so far into my practice as I create my Digital Artefact.

Jasmine comment

My first comment was on Jasmine’s pitch for a series of blog posts exploring how technological accessibility has affected online and offline shopping, and how it has affected online dating.

Jasmine provided a clear outline for the development of her Digital Artefact. Seeing how she had mapped out her process of creating her DA helped me to reflect on my…

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