Church to the Future

Thanks! I just got the permissions to reblog and thus here is a VEEERRRY late reblog. But what can ya do?

When you feel like it

The public utility NOW is that people can participate in church without going to church. This is a necessary need at the moment. Going forward 6 months this will continue despite people being allowed to go to church again. This is so we can continue to share the service we provide with the far more people than we could possibly achieve at a normal gathering. This reaches people who have moved away from our church and want to be connected, it also reaches those who cannot normally attend church and finally it is great for people wanting to check out church but are nervous about actually going.

The feedback over the past 2 weeks has been constant. Not only do we have immediate comments like “You’re all wearing hats” and “That’s a lot of plants” But I’m also getting messages regarding the way we film and what we are producing.

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