Commenting on Future events

My critical reflections on my own comments on other people’s hard work.

When you feel like it

My first comment was on Mandy Cai’s blog. She talked about using the Sims to create floor plans. This blend of architecture and gaming interested me but I wanted to see if I could give her more places other than Reddit to post to. After quite a while (and only one viable discovery) I surrendered to the realisation that she’d probably picked the best place to share her DA. Despite that failure, I was still able to share an article that will hopefully be helpful.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 7.34.33 pm.png

My second comment took less time as I was more familiar with this kind of DA. A video game podcast by Chris Comino. I play video games and run a podcast so I sought to be helpful with that background in mind. Firstly I tried to direct him closer to the subject material by giving him an idea for a podcast episode. I…

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