Commenting on Peer Projects – A Critical Self-reflection

Harrison East

As a part of the BCM325 subject at the University of Wollongong, each student is tasked with undertaking a major project. The contents of which is completely open and up to the individual student. After everyone’s projects have been pitched, each student must comment, with helpful information, on three project pitches. This blog posts serves as a critical self-reflection of my comments.

@UOWcreative Pitch

Jenna Fairweather

Jenna Fairweather pitch comment(click to enlarge)

Jenna’s project is extremely relevant to her peers. Which makes commenting on it rather easier, since it’s relatable. As a part of the UOWcreative team, Jenna is attempting to aggregate students and their work, to both advertise the creative of the University of Wollongong and bring students together. Her timeline is clear and her platforms of choice invite great opportunity for concise feedback loops for the team and her to quickly iterate on.

In regard to my own commentary of her…

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