Critical analysis of DA Pitches

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My Pitch

At the start of this semester of Uni, our BCM325 class was asked to think of the grade we aspire to get in the subject. Often, my grades surprise me, whether that is positively or negatively, so what I wrote was that I aspire to do the best I could. After getting my first assignment back, I have new goals for the subject. I aspire to get a distinction average in this class, as I now know that it is doable.

In order to make this happen for myself, I am going to ensure that all my material and posts relate back to information and terminology from the subject lectures. I do believe that in my Digital Artefact Pitch, I could have talked further about how it will stay relevant in the future.

Whilst looking at my feedback for my pitch, it is evident that I must outlineā€¦

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