DA Pitch Feedback

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The pitches that I was assigned were all completely different from one another; each is looking at various topics and using different platforms and types of media. When writing feedback, I attempted to be encouraging while providing constructive criticism and used these three Digital Artefacts to consider how I could improve my own.

Comment #1: Dayle Beazley

It was hard to give Dayle Feedback, because as far as I could see, she’s already thought of everything. Dayle has planned to write 3 blog posts discussing how the COVID-19 outbreak will affect the careers of freelance writers. Her pitch was very meticulous and gave me a clear understanding of what her action plan is. Comparing her pitch to mine, it made me realise that my own pitch was not as clear and detailed as it could have been.

Comment #2: Jamie Byers

Jamie’s DA is a Podcast addressing future cultures and…

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