Future Cultures: Pitch Comments & Self Reflection


Prior to BCM325, I had some imagination of what the future might involve, but didn’t have a solid foundation of understanding future thinking. This has been impacted upon most throughout the lectures and certain quotes such as:

  •  “The past is not a guide to the future” – Wendell Bell
  •  “The future is little more than the transformation of society by new western technologies” – Ziauddin Sardar
  •  “Almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced” – Alfred North Whitehead

This development of understanding future thinking, has enabled me to approach the subject with a clearer understanding of the tasks and learning outcomes. I aim to develop strategies for future thinking, to have a deepened understanding of how the future will look, sound and feel in different contexts. 

With a focus on science fiction films, I understood we would be looking into…

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