Peer Commentary & Feedback

Dayle Beazley

In order to create a feedback loop, we must give thoughtful and critical feedback to our peers. As our thoughts and opinions are developed from our own individual experiences, the feedback I give will ideally be unique, thoughtful, and helpful.


Jaime’s Digital Artefact is a podcast episode which focuses on the future of artificial intelligence. A lot of thought, effort, and research had obviously been put into Jaime’s DA so I pointed out the things she had done well. Then, I listed a few points and questions which hadn’t been addressed in her pitch. Though these questions might’ve already been thought-out, they weren’t really displayed in the pitch so I figured it was best to bring those thoughts to the foreground. As someone who has previously undertaken research into Artificial Intelligence, I offered some points which could be explored further, or ways to expand her podcast as a whole…

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