Pitch Comments

The second assessment in BCM325 was to evaluate our peers and leave comments on their digital artefact pitch blogs. The task is aimed to share personal thoughts and ideas on our classmate’s work, as well as an opportunity to reflect on our own DA and gain new ideas and methodologies on how to complete them.

The three peers I was assigned were:

  • Ethan Jack Crawshaw, Future Church
  • Imogen Cunningham, Art DA
  • Mai Huong Dang, UOW Creative

Ethan Jack

Description: For this digital artefact, Ethan Jack will be moving church content and services online, partly due to the current COVID-19 crisis, forcing us all to remain home, as well as those who have moved away, or those who are nervous about attending. This content is available both on his Facebook and website.


Reflection: After looking through Ethan’s digital artefact I realised how simple yet effective his model was, not only…

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