Providing Project Pitch Feedback, & an Evaluation – BCM325

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This blog post was written as part of BCM 325 – Future Cultures, as studied as part of my Digital & Social Media major at the University of Wollongong.

Context for those who might not be studying BCM325, we are required to undertake a project, which we pitched via blog posts a couple weeks ago (here is mine), and are now providing feedback on three other student’s pitches and then evaluating our own feedback.

Pitch One: Script Writing Using AI

Short summary:

Elizabeth is looking to explore how AI might be used in future creative film industries by training an AI to write some short film scripts, and then actually filming and creating these short films. You can find Liz’s pitch here.

My feedback:

Hi Liz! I’m fascinated by the idea of your project and am genuinely super looking forward to seeing how it works…

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