A Reflection on Pitch Comments


Robot Podcast (Tamara Goldsmith)

Tamara’s idea for her digital artefact is to create a podcast that explores A.I and their ability to compliment jobs in the medium to long term. Creating 2-3 podcasts, she will focus on influencers that are digitally based, such as the given example of Lil Miquela. With this, she aims to make her content relevant to her target audience, exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence and going against the fears of many to instead shed some light on how A.I can be worked alongside.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 8.57.29 pm.png

My comment on Tamara’s pitch included references to the lecture concepts of the prehistory of the future as well as the idea of imaginaries. These are concepts I believe are relevant to her idea and approach and something she may find useful in her work moving forward. I also offered a variety of sources she could use to bolster her work, including…

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