Penny for my thoughts – sorta

Communications according to Ben

As part of the DA we have to comment on three Digital artefacts.
These are the three that I did, all really interesting ideas and moving forward I am genuinely excited to follow along this wonderful journey that is third year and the last few DA’s we have to do.


First off is Sanjaya

Find my comment here

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 5.08.36 pmSanjaya had a very good pitch, the video was full of the information needed and under the 2:00 limit. I feel some minor editing was needed to tie it all together but did not detract from it overall. What I recommended Sanjaya do was break his posts into set topics rather than break it down into time periods, this I feel gives him more flexibility in setting those periods as they may be different. Breaking it down into set topics would also allow him to go more in depth in his…

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