Comments on comments.


As a part of our digital artefacts we comment on our peers’ pitches and make suggestions that act as guidance for the development of their DA’s whilst following their progress.

Comment 1.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 11.18.00 pm.png

I first had the privilege of interacting with Sophie’sDA. In her pitch she discusses her aim to assess the future of bodyboarding with multiple predictions. She wishes to focus on the future of the social media and technologies used to advance the sport; this including assets such as wave pools and artificial intelligence technologies to assist in judging competitions, detecting sharks and first aid.

In my response to this DA I recognised her interactions with the weekly lecture content, primarily her use of “the past is not a guide to the future” (Wandell Bell). I suggested that she put emphasis on the research of positive stories and individuals’ passions of the sport as a guide to a…

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