An Underrated Skill.

Groundhog Grant

Multitasking! Everyone thinks that they can multitask, and to an extent most people can. But since enrolling in BCM325 (Future Cultures) I have discovered that there is one form of multitasking that I completely underestimated – Live Tweeting. Within the last few weeks I have been attempting to live tweet films that we’ve been watching each week for class, and while I do believe that I have improved since Week 1, I also know that there are elements that I can both improve on and even adopt to further this skill and really take advantage of technologies to get the most out of live tweeting.

Now I haven’t seen many of the films that we are scheduled to watch this semester, I’m not the biggest Sci-Fi buff, which is the category that many of these films fall into. So I was pretty overwhelmed at first when I was trying to…

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