BCM 325 Future Cultures Live Tweeting Critical Self-Reflection

Benny's Online Hovel

In this post, I will be presenting and providing a critical self-reflection of my live tweets that I have been making for BCM 325 movie screenings. I will be breaking down the types of tweets I have made, as well as the engagement that they received.I’ll also investigate my replies and interactions with other posts and the replies they had to my own. I will then talk about what worked/didn’t work and finally summing it all up with what I think I need to work on for the future and what I believe I did well.

Throughout the live-tweeting experience, I was aiming to talk about several different aspects, one of those was insights I made about the films, whether it was noticing similarities to another film, the speculations the films were making or simply about ambience they had. Overall these style of tweets were successful.

On a less serious…

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