Live Tweeting: Assignment 1

By Jessica McVicar

I started BCM325, not going to lie, very hesitant about the live-tweeting element of the subject. During the first live screening of Metropolis, this quickly turned into enjoyment and throughout the last 6 weeks, I’ve developed an appreciation for the act. At first, I did find analysing, theorising, and keeping up with the films simultaneously, challenging. Though, reflecting back on today’s screening of Minority Report 2002, I’ve realised that I now find it less challenging to encode messages whilst providing feedback at the same time.  This is a vital tool as a communicator and I’m excited d to see this skill continue to develop during this session.

Over these first 6 weeks, I learnt that the most effective thing I could do was engage with my peers in conversation. This would allow us to feed off of each other’s ideas and grow our individual analysis’s. I  achieved this through retweeting…

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