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For the first five weeks of this semester, we have been watching a series of films related to the future and have been live-tweeting during a screening every Thursday along with the rest of the BCM325 cohort. Here are some highlights of tweets that I found particularly good as well as some tweets with high-quality engagement from my peers.

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Week 1: Metropolis

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 12.52.32 pm 

This was probably my best-engaged tweet for the week 1 screening of metropolis. I engaged with the lecture content for that week making reference to the lecture topic of ‘Futures thinking: science fiction’. I managed to get 6 likes, two retweets, and an engaging comment. My other tweets for week one quite spam post-y and not very linked to subject content, more so what was happening during the movie and commenting, those also received a decent amount of engagement through likes and retweets…

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