Who Said Women Were Good At Multi-tasking?

Live Tweeting is a skill I hadn’t quite indulged in before this subject. Straight off the bat, there are a few things I learned and had to adapt quickly to. Twitter’s 140 character limit is the devil for people like me to like to ramble, but it allows for quick to the point information. That in itself is a skill. It teaches you how to be a strong, concise writer.

Watching a movie for the first time (most of them anyway) and tweeting your thoughts can be difficult, hence why some pre-research is recommended – I definitely feel my tweets reflected this. The weeks I knew more about the movie we were watching my tweets were stronger and more relevant which therefore led to more engagement. It can be hard to stay focused on writing a tweet whilst keeping up with the movie.

Here we have tweets, comments, and retweets…

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