Before BCM325, live-tweeting was an activity I had previously been acquainted with. In addition to my (kinda shameful) Married at First Sight tweets, I previously experienced live-tweeting in BCM300, so when we started our live-tweeting sessions in week 1 I was fairly familiar with the process.

One thing I will continue to struggle with is multi-tasking. Watching (and analysing) the film, reading articles, finding information, tweeting, reading tweets and replying to tweets can all get a bit confusing and hard to stay on top of. Throw in working from home and the distractions of snacks and roommates it can become quite challenging. As I realised doing multiple tasks at once took away from the experience I altered my way of tackling things to help alleviate some of the challenging aspects.

The first week I took the ‘wing it’ approach. Viewing the lectures beforehand, but doing minimal to no research about…

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