BCM325: Tweeting as an assessment? Yes please.

Alana Smith

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of BCM325 so far has been the live tweeting of films every week. I think it allows me to not only think critically about the lecture content of that week but also to enjoy films that I may not have necessarily decided to watch outside of a university setting. Whilst I have had to live tweet for previous BCM subjects in the past, this by far has been the most engaging and interesting round of live tweeting for me.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)

The first week of tweeting focused on Metropolis (1927). This week I really tried hard to research facts and interesting information to share in my tweets and my most successful tweet for that week was a result of that. Although a few of my tweets received quite a few likes they did not engage my followers and did…

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